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Our mission is to enable our members in the manufacturing group in the community to maximize their ability to contribute to the strategic objectives of their respective organizations by facilitating professional growth and development in the community.


Barnhill Contracting Company is a full-service construction firm offering a wide range of services from pre construction, to early site development to final building completion. Our company is a professional organization dedicated to serving our clients with
honesty and integrity—and an unparalleled commitment to quality.
Barnhill Contracting Company is consistently ranked among Engineering— News Record’s Top 400 Contractors in the United States and we pride ourselves on our reputation—recognizing that our reputation is built one project at a time.
Barnhill Contracting Company offers three areas of service - commercial building, site development and heavy highway construction. The company has 20 asphalt plants located throughout eastern North Carolina and 13 offices. We employ 1,000 people in the state of North Carolina.

Local Contact: Carey M. Swann, Coastal Division Vice President
Mailing: PO Box 399 Kinston, North Carolina 28502
Shipping: 604 East New Bern Road Kinston, North Carolina 28504
252-527-8021 phone 252-527-4739 fax

DuPont has maintained a presence in Lenoir County since the start up of the Kinston facility in March of 1953.  Although the Kinston Plant Site has undergone significant downsizing as business conditions have changed over the last 54 years, we operate a key business in DuPont at the Kinston Site.   DuPont employs full-time and contract employees in a 24/7 operation.

At the Kinston Plant we produce Sorona® polymer which is a high-performance polymer that offers a unique combination of attributes in a variety of applications.  As a carpet fiber, Sorona® provides permanent stain protection in addition to softness and durability.  In apparel, Sorona® contributes exceptional softness, comfort, stretch and recovery, easy care and UV- and chlorine-resistance.  Sorona® is currently sold in the residential carpet market by Mohawk Industries under the SmartStrand™ with DuPont™ Sorona® polymer brand.  It also can be used in a variety of other applications including automotive and home furnishings, packaging and engineering thermoplastic resins.  Manufacture of Sorona® using a bio-based feedstock will begin in early 2007, providing the added feature of approximately 40 percent renewable content. DuPont is very proud of the Kinston, NC team for establishing the first DuPont bio-based materials plant in the world.   

Bijur Delimon is part of the Summa Corp which includes Arrowhead Corp, Flexider , Cleveland Gear, Columbia Gear, Milwaukee Machine, Hellan Corp,  Bijur Corp, Lubesite, Delimon, Denco, Penco, Delimon India, Bijur China,  Bijur Ireland, Delimon Austria and Lubrimonso of Spain. These companies service the Aerospace, Aircraft, Machine Tool, Automotive , Petrochemical, Power Generation, Steel, Paper, Food, Mining, and many more Industries. Farval  offers a wide variety of oil and grease lubricators in several system configurations: dual-line, single-line and circulating. A wide range of metering valves, distribution fittings, controller/monitors and accessories are also available. Founded in 1923, Farval has been located in Kinston, North Carolina since 1981. Farval serves manufacturers of all types of equipment and machinery. Typical major end-users include the pulp and paper industry, mining, steel, and metalworking.
Bijur Delimon facility occupies 48,000 square feet, with 40,000 devoted to manufacturing. Its industrial lubricating products can be easily integrated into any operating environment. Systems range from manual to fully automatic. Every Farval system delivers the precise amount of lubricant required at each bearing point, from a few points on a single machine to thousands in a big plant. Farval lubricant distributor valves incorporate large ports which facilitate the specification of a wide variety of applications utilizing any standard industrial lubricant, including #2 grease and open gear lubricants. Each lubrication system is custom designed to meet a customer's exact needs. Farval systems are built to perform in the toughest operating conditions from oppressive heat to below freezing temperatures. 

 Contact: Jim Wood, Operation Manager

Group III Mgt., Inc. was founded in 1985 in Kinston, NC as a Construction Management firm to meet the needs of the Savings and Loan crisis.  Numerous financial institutions had serious problems with developers and contractors completing projects.  Since the late 1980's, Group III has completed projects for banks, schools, airports, manufacturing facilities, governmental authorities and hospitals.  We are a General Contractor who can meet all of your construction & real estate needs.  For questions or consultations contact:   Oscar "Skip" Greene 252-527-3333 or Jackie Johnson at 252-527-3333

Harvey’s corporate offices are located at 1291 Hwy 258 North, PO Box 189, Kinston, NC, 28502.  Phone:  252-523-9090, Fax: 252-523-8191.

Harvey’s:  A multifaceted business established in North Carolina and Virginia since 1871. 

Harvey Fertilizer and Gas Co. manufactures ag fertilizers and distributes ag chemicals, plus other ag products; operates cotton gins and a farming division; distributes propane, sells LPG appliances, heaters and grills through its Tidewater Energy division.

East Coast Equipment, an affiliated company, sells and services John Deere ag commercial, and lawn care equipment at 11 locations in North Carolina and Virginia.

Tidewater Transit based in Kinston with terminals located in NC, TN., TX, GA, Ill., SC, Fla., AL is a common carrier hauling bulk products, which includes petroleum, plastics, chemicals, and fertilizers.

Carolina Finance, LLC, with its corporate office in Kinston, is a sales finance company with branch offices throughout North Carolina and Virginia.  The company purchases auto finance contracts from franchise and independent dealers located in the two states.

Lenoir Community College

Workforce Development Department Customized Training Program

The Customized Training Program supports the economic development efforts of the State by providing education and training opportunities for eligible businesses and industries.  Amended in 2008, this program integrates the New and Expanding Industry Training Program and the Customized Industry Training Program to more effectively respond to business and industry. The Customized Training Program also includes the former Focused Industry Training Program and shall offer programs and training services to assist new and existing business and industry to remain productive, profitable, and within the State.  The dedicated effort of the Customized Training Program provides programs and training services for job growth, productivity enhancement, and technology investment for new and existing business and industry.

Lenoir County Joblink Career Center located at Lenoir Community College offers a variety of employment and training services that can help job seekers find a new or better job.  Looking for a Job?  Local workforce development professional from diverse partner agencies work together under one roof to help provide these services.  This partnership makes Lenoir Community College a user-friendly One Stop Career Center.  In some instances, individuals may qualify to receive Workforce investment Act federally funded training vouchers that can be used to pay for career relevant education and training at Lenoir Community College.

For more details please visit us at JobLink Career

Bobby Merritt – Director of Workforce Development –Lenoir Community College

Lenoir Community College 252-527-6223 x 104

Lions Industries for the Blind is a non-profit 501(c) 3 facility employing the blind and blind with other disabilities in eastern North Carolina since 1971. As an integral part of the Ability One Program it provides products and services to the federal government under the Javits-Wagner O’Day Act of 1938.  Lions Industries for the Blind employs approximately 70 persons in a modern production facility at 4126 Berkeley Avenue in Kinston, NC.  Items such as sewn products, embroidery, woodworking, packaging and screen printing are performed at the facility.  LIB will continue to offer its employees the employment opportunities and experience they need to take their place as a productive member of society.

MMM, Inc. located in LaGrange, NC is a manufacturer of steel tanks for water and fuel storage. Founded in 1980, the company also sells cast-iron cooking pots, hog house ventilators, and other products. Contact: Marc McConnell  252-523-5200, 501 W. Railroad St., La Grange, NC 28551 Mailing address: P.O. Box 6246, Kinston, NC 28501

Wall Lenk Corporation is leading supplier of Soldering, Hobby and Craft, Wood Burning, and Branding Tools. In addition, the company manufactures a complete line Lab Burners and accessories. It also markets a line of Cordless Butane Products. Recently, the company has introduced a Cordless Culinary Products line and is one of the largest butane suppliers to the consumer market.

West Pharmaceutical Services: The Kinston facility is a focused factory for the production of high volume devices and high quality pharmaceutical components. West supplies parts for disposable syringes as well as stoppers for various pharmaceutical containers. The facility is located on 24 acres of land and covers 181,000 square feet with 300+ full time employees. The site operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is self-contained with engineering, laboratory and tool/machine shops on site. Production operations begin with compounding and end with final lot packing.

Mountain Aircraft Services of Kinston, NC is an aircraft parts business, specializing in marketing parts to operators of Boeing 737 and 747 aircraft. Recently certified as an AS9100 company, Mountain Aircraft Services is the exclusive distributor of 747 material for Volvo Aero Services.
The company currently maintains the largest inventory of 747 parts in the world and occupies approximately 300,000 square feet of warehouse space in two buildings in Lenoir

Contact: Art Westergard 252- 526-9677, 2018 W. Vernon Ave., Kinston, NC 28504

William Barnet & Son, LLC was founded in 1898. Since that time Barnet has evolved into a global company that manufactures, trades and contract processes a wide variety of synthetic products for the chemical fiber, engineered resin and textile related industries.
Barnet corporate headquarters are located in Spartanburg, SC and has manufacturing facilities in Kinston, NC and Duncan, SC. In addition Barnet has manufacturing and sales offices located in Europe, Far East and Latin America to meet the demands of the global marketplace.




101 North Queen Street | Post Office Box 897 Kinston, NC 28501
Phone: 252.527.1963